Working Together to Solve Your Financial Goals

AEGIS Insurance Consulting through our operating companies, AEGIS Wealth Advisors, AEGIS Seminars are Consulting Organizations which help people create a Recession Proof Tax Free & Risk Free Retirement and also address their needs for Health, Life, Medicare, Disability and Long Term Care insurance. We also consult with Health Plans and Providers on Personal Health Record, Electronic Medical Record, High Technology devices and the Healthcare IT space.

At AEGIS we specialize in education, protection, and solutions for our clients:

  • Education: through our Educational Seminars and Materials, such as video, blogs, and personal 1-on-1 consulting.
  • Protection: through the analysis and development of a plan of action to address needs now and in the future.
  • Solutions: through the execution of the Accepted Plan and selection of the products, services and often behavioral changing activities (such as disciplined savings, debt reduction, etc.) in order to reach our goals.
Our protection and solutions activities will often lead to development of wealth through the activities recommended to create tax-free and risk-free retirement income which is recession/crash proof for our clients and their families... avoiding the tax bomb awaiting many families in retirement. We also address the current health/disability/long term care insurance needs of our clients and reflect this in our plan development and provide solutions.

Gregory Firmbach is our Lead Consultant with over 34 years in health, financial services and insurance. He is a Naval Aviator, Graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in business. He is currently licensed for various insurance products in FL, PA, DE, NJ, NY & NH.


Personalize Our Service

My clients all have slightly different retirement goals and my agency creates a unique strategy for each client one to help maximize their financial return.

Maximize Retirement Planning

Why trust anyone with your retirement future? Your agency has the experience and support staff to help reach your future goals. We build customized strategies for all clients.

Process Apps Quickly

Time is critical when planning for your future and we will not waste any time processing the paperwork that will allow for you to retire happy.

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